Learning as a promotional tool.

Face-to-face and virtual courses for patients, general practitioners, specialists and nurses.

Training and academic events.

As part of the updates of health professionals to prepare for future market demands, we offer training and development courses and workshops for all staff – in Mexico, Central and South America. Its goal is to improve attitudes, knowledge, skills or behaviors among the targeted health workers.

Through continuous training, it’s possible to keep staff up to date on the topics of interest. It also protects the investment in human resources by stimulating the possibility of personal growth and allows for replacement staff.

Topics are taught by exhibitors with proven experience in the topic and pedagogically trained, in order to ensure accurate and entertaining presentations.

Training areas depend on the needs to cover: whether it’s induction, coaching or basic training. With the client’s assistance, both the sequence and the content of the activities are planned in order to obtain maximum results.

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