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Report and organization of medical groups for pharmaceutical marketing analysis.

Market analysis.

Reports and findings on discussion groups, consensus and directed scientific committee meetings in order to detect sales opportunities, needs, ideas, services or particular problems. A good SWOT analysis works as a strategy in order to obtain better results for your project.

Discussion groups, scientific committees, advisory boards and consensus are organized in order to discuss about a topic of interest: whether it’s about a window of opportunity or about a problem.

With the client’s advice, it’s intended that participants are health professionals acknowledged in their specialty area and related to the topic being treated. Thus, information and feedback of interest is directly obtained from professionals who are in direct contact with the topic. Then, conclusions from the professional team are delivered for further marketing analysis.

This analysis is especially important when planning to add a new product or service, or entering a new market. This minimizes business risks, identifies sales opportunities and enables better marketing plans.

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